Conveying Liberty Concepts (CLC)

formerly Constitutional Liberty Coalition

@CLibertyC #CLCs


To build a coalition of  leaders, with Christian, Constitutional underpinnings who are committed to genuine grassroots efforts,  working together toward the common goals of returning the country to its founding as originally intended.

Mission Statement:

We will encourage public policy that promotes personal responsibility, individual liberty, limited government, and free markets.  In keeping with the principles upon which the United States was founded, we think this mission is best fulfilled through efforts from the bottom up, not the top-down.

Therefore, we offer support to those who wish to collaborate openly with others to meet our stated mission. We will not endorse or support any group whose agenda and/or use of funds is not clearly stated, or is in conflict with our mission.

Who are we and why did we start “yet another Tea Party Events site”?

Tea Party Grassroots(redirected to R3publican in 2012) was a Project of the Constitutional Liberty Coalition

The Constitutional Liberty Coalition is a group of grassroots leadership from across the country committed to returning to Constitutional principles and protecting the grassroots. A number of us were involved at the national level in coordinating the first round of Tea Parties, which occurred on February 27, through the Twitter-based TCOT Action Projects group, which resulted in approximately 20,000 people attending 40+ Tea Parties in various cities. We were troubled, however, by a number of things, particularly immediately after Feb. 27th, and stepped away from further involvement with any TCOT projects. We realized that TCOT was not as advertised by the group’s creator. In reality there were top-down directives from one individual with a facade of collaboration. Just after the Feb. 27th events (2009), success for Tax Day Tea Party, which was the next announced event, was defined as:

“more people, more email addresses”

Working beyond the turmoil of the ‘teaparty’ our grassroots leaders in various states continue to share what they are doing with each other in a low intensity platform where feeds are shared with each other and the world.  The unique part of this experiment/feed site is that we ‘push’ the traffic back to the originating site wherever possible.  Occasionally we publish live content here with permission from the source and where it is deemed to make sense for longterm goals and objectives.  You can see who is in the feed stream via the blogroll on the front page.  We hope you enjoy the site, but more than that we encourage you to be active in your local area building a firm foundation for limited Constitutional government with moral courage and core principles that will please our heavenly Father and hold up a standard of righteousness for our fellow man; as we work together to help formulate public policy via healthy debate with truth and wisdom applied.



  1. Great site and awesome mission statement guys! Thanks for getting it going here in OK.