Constitutional Liberty Coalition

Policy Document


  • Restore limited government in pursuance of the principles in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, according to their original meaning
  • Inform ourselves and others, motivate, and activate more people
  • Network with others of like minds to maximize effectiveness


[Note:  A full articulation of the philosophy that shaped these recommendations may be made available upon request via contact form as needed and with an ongoing dialogue/relationship with our efforts for limited constitutional government.]

  • Layered Principles
  • Ethical and moral foundation
  • Truth Seeking
  • Employing critical and analytical thinking, using primary sources, healthy skepticism
  • A belief in Constitutional originalism and unique nature of the American system
  • Acknowledge of source of rights our rights is our Creator – God
  • Respect for free will, account for human nature and history
  • Respect for rule of law
  • Nation of laws, not men’s opinions; all must abide by the law; use proper process to make changes

Decisions based on the foundation:

Sound development of issues and public policy positions (covered in detailed document)

Operating style and policies

Effective strategies

Operating style and policies:

  • Model appropriate practices and actions for others
  • Encourage critical and analytical thinking, healthy skepticism, and verification
  • Model proper research practices; investigate thoroughly, leave door open if all facts not confirmed, acknowledge and correct mistakes promptly
  • Present information with primary sources cited / linked, encourage people to verify themselves

Echo Constitutional originalism in structure, practices, strategies

  • Limited governance
  • Avoid implementing complex bureaucracy – implement only as much structure necessary to function effectively

Nationalism (centralization) vs Federalism

A nationalism approach…

  • National groups, especially those which are D.C. based tend to be centralized, top-down, and have national focus
  • National groups tend to serve the interests of establishment power

A network approach…

  • Network of state and local groups could exist to provide support structure, communications mechanisms, pooling limited resources, solution sharing, and formulation of action plans.
  • Network of groups should have leadership comprised of state and local group leaders to maintain focus on bottom-up solutions.

Alliances, Affiliations, and Associations

George Washington’s Farewell Address provides insightful advice on parties and avoidance of entanglements.

Maintain independence and autonomy

Alliances, affiliations, and associations should…

  • Reflect foundational ethics and morals
  • Assist in meeting a group’s mission and short and long-term goals
  • Enhance and increase profile while reflecting principles, modeling proper conduct
  • Focus on local, state solutions and leadership

Adequate Disclosure:

Mission and Principles

Should reflect focus and illustrate moral, ethical foundations

Group / organization structure, leadership

  • Does the board have a board, council, or advisors? Are members elected or appointed?
  • Core decision-makers should be willing to disclose some verifiable information
  • Is the group / organization affiliated in some way with other groups?

Information collection, data handling and sharing or selling:

  • NO use of deceptive practices; capturing ip addresses, “petition” list-building, adding people to distribution lists without their explicit consent
  • Explanation should be given regarding why certain information is requested
  • Information should not be shared or sold without explicit consent of individuals
  • Protection of information should be pledged as a priority, limited access noted
  • If affiliated in a network of groups, contact information and data should be pushed out to the local level, warehoused centrally only for back-up purposes, and rare communications to entire list for agreed upon purposes that serve interests of overall network. These policies should be clearly stated at the time of sign up.
  • Unsubscribe option must be included in email correspondence, it is the right thing to do and it is required by law

Fundraising purposes, handling:

  • Non-profit filing or status should be declared if it exists
  • Treasurer name should be listed
  • Note why funds are being raised, how funds are used
  • If conducted as part of a network, this information should be disclosed