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Dave Janda has a special ability to sum up things. In this video he focuses on the huge developments on the North Korea Peace Initiative & the public release of The Dept of Justice Inspector General’s Report.

Summary via R3publican

Trump vs. Merkel & Co.

by Justin Raimondo

All the Very Serious People are tweeting and retweeting this “iconic” photo of Trump surrounded by the Euro-weenies, with Angela Merkel seeming to lecture the President while the rest of …

Adelson’s perspectives on U.S. foreign policy, particularly towards Iran, are alarming, given that his influence on U.S. politics is set to grow in the wake of his latest mega-donation to the Republican party.

by Whitney Webb

WASHINGTON – With the 2018 Congressional midterm elections approaching, Republicans – eager to keep their control of both houses of Congress – have been seeking lucrative donations that would give Republican candidates an advantage in the lead-up to November.


summary via R3publican

On June 12th 1987 President Reagan demanded that Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev tear down the Berlin wall.

Reagan’s “Tear Down This Wall Speech”

A headline in Yahoo News states “Trump ‘Absolutely’ Deserves Credit for North Korea-South Korea …

Haunted by his vote to authorize the Iraq War, the Republican congressman is standing up against US military actions.
By Barry Yeoman

On the day in late January that I interviewed Walter Jones Jr. in his office in Greenville, North Carolina, the Re…