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Stem Cell Therapy for Ivory

… a story about potential help for cats experiencing kidney failure
by Sandra Crosnoe

Ivory is 15 years old (2017) and recently she was getting pretty lethargic, loosing weight and not grooming herself properly, so I took her to Arrowhead Veterinary Clinic in Dewey on January 25th. They did a blood analysis on her and found she was in early stage renal (kidney) failure. This is the story of how we discovered stem cell therapy and what that process has been like for Ivory.

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NASA Captures Giant Space Opal

The Twin Jet Nebula, or PN M2-9, is a striking example of a bipolar planetary nebula. (ESA/Hubble & NASA)


h/t Rick Tucker for the find

Spectacular! Yosemite in time-lapse high definition

Via Just beautiful… …and tough to film: The video was a feat of physical exertion, technical precision and patience. The duo, who repeatedly met up from opposite sides of California, carried roughly 70 pounds of gear to the nearly 9,000-foot top of Half Dome, the distinctive flat peak that soars above Yosemite Valley. Once there, […]

The Next Big Thing in Cardiology

“The innovative procedure allows for the installation of an artificial heart valve by means of a catheter. The catheter is inserted into an artery that is accessed through a small incision in either the patient’s groin or chest. It is then snaked through the artery until it reaches the heart and delivers the attached artificial valve for implantation. TAVR not only avoids the need to open the chest wall, it can also minimize complications associated with general anesthesia, since TAVR can be performed under local anesthesia. What was a six-hour open-heart operation plus two weeks in the hospital is reduced to about a two-hour procedure.” Continue reading

What Happened When One Man Pinged the Whole Internet

“You probably haven’t heard of HD Moore, but up to a few weeks ago every Internet device in the world, perhaps including some in your own home, was contacted roughly three times a day by a stack of computers that sit overheating his spare room. In February last year he decided to carry out a personal census of every device on the Internet as a hobby. ‘[It] drew quite a lot of complaints, hate mail, and calls from law enforcement,’ he says. But the data collected has revealed some serious security problems, and exposed some vulnerable business and industrial systems of a kind used to control everything from traffic lights to power infrastructure.”

Monsanto to be slain by Brazilian farmers?

Here’s my Russia Today piece on Monsanto’s dirty politics, the Brazilian farmers’ $7B lawsuit, and more:

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County Sheriff Project a Success, Is your Sheriff in the picture? Why Not??

I’m not convinced that divine intervention was involved, however the first County Sheriff Project event in Las Vegas on January 30th was an unexpectedly huge success.

Ron Paul highlight reel from tonight’s GOP presidential debate on CNN:
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