AUSTIN, Texas (April 25, 2017) – Yesterday, a bill that would effectively prohibit so-called “sanctuary cities” that refuse to help enforce some federal immigration laws passed the Texas House. Sen. Charles Perry (R-Lubbock) filed Senate Bill 4 (SB4) along with 19 cosponsors. The legislation would ban localities from adopting policies that prohibit or restrict local agents…

AUSTIN, Texas (April 25, 2017) –  Last week, a Texas House committee passed a proposed state constitutional amendment that would authorize the legislature to exempt precious metals held in the Texas Gold Depository from ad valorem taxation. Passage of the amendment would take another step toward the everyday use of gold and silver in financial…

Seriously? You Expected Perverts Who Routinely Savage Kids to Exempt Yours?

Becky Akers

Jennifer Williamson of Grapevine, Texas, hoped to shield her “teenage” son (who looks to be in his very low teens, if he’s in them at all) from the TSA’s deviants, especially because the boy suffers from “sensory processing disorder” (a “neurological disorder in which individuals can’t process sensory information properly. … It has been described as a ‘traffic jam’ in which signals to and from various parts of the body are blocked or re-routed. That can lead to something as simple as being touched causing anxiety and fear”). And so, prior to their flight on Sunday, Mrs. Williamson “requested they attempt to screen [her son, Aaron,] in other ways per TSA rules.

Oh, the average mom’s naivete! She actually believes the government is there to help her family (help them what?), that its goons are good-hearted and selfless, with the people’s best interests their overriding passion.

In reality, asking the TSA for mercy and compassion alerts them to a prime opportunity for persecution: like the Nazis, the TSA preys on the weak and vulnerable—and the weaker and more vulnerable you are, the worse the Nazis-sorry, the TSA will abuse you. Just ask Hannah Cohen.

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Texas House Bill 2338 (HB2338) would create a mechanism to review federal laws and end state cooperation with enforcement of those determined to violate the U.S. Constitution. (learn more here) The bill’s first hurdle is in the State & Federal Power & Responsibility, Select Committee. Please take the following actions to support this important bill right now.…