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Why are we fighting with the blm, the usfs, and fbi and the state police, over issues regarding land. It’s simple, because they want what they don’t own and if you can’t prove your position they are going to take it.  For those of you that like to do research here is your homework.  What you will find may shock you, then you will say to yourselves so why are we involved in these fights. Its simple, because the people you elect, either can’t read, can’t comprehend what they read, or have been bought off by bribes from federal dollars, such as trips to dc, ect. Or like Col Peters said they are Pussies!!! Look up :Robinson v. Norato(July 25th,1945)Rhode Island Supreme Court,,Salonen v.Farley (Jan,18,1949)U.S. District Court,E.D Kentucky, Covington District,,, Bell v.Anderson (Jan,30,1941) S C o f Penn.,
19 Corpus Juris Secundum, 883, states, “The United States government is a foreign corporation with respect to a state.” Review “United States v. Perkins.

In short, prove me wrong! The notion that the States of the Union are separate, distinct, and foreign to each other also applies to the relationship the States of the Union have with the United States government.

Therefore the federal government does not own land in the states and cannot by the constitution and SC opinions confirming same. The Blm and the usfs service can make all the rules and regs they want to but they have no standing in law as to you and I. They are confined to the 10 sq miles of the district of columbia.

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In an interview a few years ago, while running for Governor, Bruce Olsen said, "We are running out of time. I’m convinced I can work with other governors to save our Republic. I have a plan, should our country fall apart. We must be prepared. It’s important that our people become debt free. I am also hoping to change the way we title property. We must see to it that Americans actually own what they pay for. One more thing. We must learn that the individuals that our media promotes for elected office, are the ones we must run from." Bruce Olsen lives in Arizona and shares from The Arizona Sentinel. His main site went down in 2016 and this link contains some of his earlier work. You can still see some of his more recent work via Constitutional Liberty Coalition.

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