Dear Friends,

I am wondering even as we form this group if we can really do what needs to be done and yet having said that I am sure that we are supposed to form this group and see if we can discover our full purpose together. I am confident, that we are ‘called with purpose’. i am not sure that the full purpose is known to me and am more confident in you all than myself. Here is what I know.

We are seeing the same age old problem of the political game using the time and talent and treasure of grassroots middle America for purposes and agendas contrary to the stated purpose. It really gets old. There is no-one in office now or running for office who is going to solve our problems. We must be the ones who manage our own affairs and take care of our own people and our own resources and our own families and yes even our neighbors too.

I hope that we can come together and discover that there is more we can do together. I believe we can self organize some projects together and protect one another from the wolves in our midst and the vultures circling.

A series of teaparties designed to promote another globalist president is not the problem or the solution. We need to step back and ponder what we need to do about matters and get about doing that instead of sending teabags to DC. Rallies may be a good idea, but let’s be sure that the message is ours and not co-opted by someone or some group using us and our movement and our message.

I pray the Lord’s protection and wisdom be upon each of you in the days ahead. I pray that we would be a group that would accomplish much good. I pray that we would bless many beyond our ability to see from this vantage point as we walk together and share and learn from each other.


R3publicans About R3publicans
R3publicans are working to restore rights to the people in the Republic. Visit their website for more info.


R3publicans are working to restore rights to the people in the Republic. Visit their website for more info.


  1. I think a lot of our problem is the globalism. The outsourcing alone takes $ right out of America’s pockets. Globalism creates problems for national security around our ports and borders, and our leaders spend a lot of time on issues abroad, instead of at home. America needs to re-define and renew itself. Illegal immigrants in the country are being represented without being taxed, and the wealthy are being punished for creating the wealth while the freeloaders get fatter.

  2. I believe that our problem has come about because our political system seems to work in semi-private. They tell us or let the news media know what they want us to know but none of what actually goes on behind the closed doors. As a result they’re free to make deals with whom ever they please and the result of those deals could be for our benefit or theirs. We just receive the results of their dealings. Besides that, most of them don’t care to uphold or abide by the Constitution even though they swore they would.

    There seems to be no one that will hold them accountable for their lack of concern and most of us don’t even have enough information as to what they’re doing, to know that they’re doing us wrong.

    I suggest that we need to hold the news media accountable for not publishing the voting records of politicians both at the time of the vote and at the time of their re-election. And we need to know a lot more information about a new comer, before we elect them. People seem to take what ever our politicians say, at face value without realizing that they’re only telling us what they think will get them the most votes.

    I suggest also that all politicians sign a legal binding contract that they will work for our country and it’s people and only for our country and it’s people. No side businesses and no world conquests or supporting other world leaders unless we, the people get something in return. Dan Morales

  3. Daniel,

    Thanks for commenting here! You have some very practical ideas that we should all take to heart. It would be nice if our elected officials remembered both their oath of office and who they work for. We must keep reminding them of both. That is why grassroots efforts and involvement are so important.

    Thank you for being part of the solution!