Long Road Ahead: 3 Missing Ingredients for the Next Revolution

Facts. Getting from the largest government in history to a real “land of the free” isn’t going to be quick or easy. But without these three essential ingredients from the “real American Revolution,” we probably won’t get there at all.

Path to Liberty: Jan 30, 2023

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Episode – Recipe for Revolution?

Thomas Jefferson to Henry Lee (8 May 1825)

John Adams To Hezekiah Niles (13 Feb 1818)

Thomas Jefferson to George Washington (4 Jan 1786)

Thomas Jefferson to Charles Yancy (6 Jan 1816)

Benjamin Rush 1786 Education Agreeable to a Republican Form of Government

Abigail Adams to John Quincy Adams (20 Mar 1780)

John Hancock – Massacre Day Oration (5 Mar 1774)

Benjamin Franklin to James Bowdoin (25 Feb 1775)

James Otis Jr. – Freeborn American (27 Apr 1767)

Episode – Top-4 Roadblocks to Liberty

Boldin – on twitter

George Washington – Circular to the States (8 June 1783)

Thomas Paine – Dissertation on first-principles of government

Thomas Jefferson to Archibald Stuart (23 Dec 1791)
Patrick Henry – Virginia Ratifying Convention (5 June 1788)

Thomas Jefferson to Rev. Charles Clay (27 Jan 1790)

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