The American Freedom Renewal Revolution takes another giant leap forward.

The Arizona Sentinel - Bruce Olsen

On Saturday Sept 17 2011, in Cloudcroft New Mexico.  Americans stepped up and reclaimed their freedoms. Freedom as it was originally used in the Constitution referred to “Life ,Liberty, and Private Property =Freedom).  The revolutions  that we’ve seen in recent years are started by individuals, such as Rick Santelli and the Tea Party Revolution and now we have the Otero County Tree party, which launched on Saturday by Otero County Commission Chairman Ronnie Rardin. Ronnie had a lot of help, from his fellow commissioners, the commission liaison Sharon Coll, the town Mayor David Venable , and certain individuals that have been providing guidance enabling the county to use the law as written to begin the process of saving our forests, our watersheds, our infrastructure , towns and communities.

We are hearing a lot of blather from the beltway about jobs. Obama thinks he can create jobs, fact is he’s been killing jobs ever since he fraudulently entered the White House.  Government can help in the creation of jobs, by getting out of the way. That is exactly what the County Government has been forced to do in Otero County, they have had to step  up and remove the blockade of jobs and the preservation of our forests, and watersheds, by putting the forest service on notice. Either lead follow but get the hell out of the way.  Below are a series of videos , and pictures taken during the event on Saturday.  Do the country a favor and send this site to everyone in your address book and tell them to do the same.  And remember there is more going on here than saving our forest, we are saving our country, freedom and liberty for the generations that will follow us. Enjoy!

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In an interview a few years ago, while running for Governor, Bruce Olsen said, "We are running out of time. I’m convinced I can work with other governors to save our Republic. I have a plan, should our country fall apart. We must be prepared. It’s important that our people become debt free. I am also hoping to change the way we title property. We must see to it that Americans actually own what they pay for. One more thing. We must learn that the individuals that our media promotes for elected office, are the ones we must run from." Bruce Olsen lives in Arizona and shares from The Arizona Sentinel. His main site went down in 2016 and this link contains some of his earlier work. You can still see some of his more recent work via Constitutional Liberty Coalition.

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