A Massachusetts State Police tweet appears to have inadvertently revealed law enforcement surveillance of certain political groups.  Last month, multiple natural gas explosions rocked three towns north of Boston. As the disaster unfolded, the state police tweeted an update from the “MSP Watch Center” that included a screenshot from a computer plotting the location of the […]

On SchiffGold’s “It’s Your Dime,” Mike Maharrey talks with economist Bob Murphy about his Contra Krugman book, how Keynesian economics goes off the rails, the time Paul Krugman ridiculously compared HealthCare.gov to UPS, the trade war, the gold standard and the Great Depression, Bob’s favorite Krugman flip-flops, and more. Robert P. Murphy holds his Ph.D. […]

In aviation, a death-spiral describes the downward, corkscrew-motion of a disabled aircraft that’s unrecoverably headed for a crash. If you pilot an aircraft, you never want to find yourself in a death-spiral — for obvious reasons. Well, The federal government may well be in a death spiral of its own  – or perhaps we should call […]

WASHINGTON (Oct. 8, 2018) – The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) plans to expand a surveillance program that tracks the location of millions of everyday people through pictures of their license plates. According to federal contracting data, the DEA will expand the footprint of its license plate tracking program with automatic license plate readers (ALPRs) connected […]

Brett Kananaugh responded with righteous indignation to accusations that he’s a drunken serial rapist . Which led to accusations that he lacks “judicial temperament.”
The post Brett Kavanaugh Judicial Temperament appeared first …

Several times a week, I see Trump supporters touting the rising stock market and “booming economy” as proof of his economic prowess. Sadly, they are being led down a primrose path to ruin. I’m going to sum this up as simply as I can. The economy and the stock market are – to steal a […]

Last week, we got a healthy dose of political theater. I honestly didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to the Kavanaugh hearings – other than what I scrolled past in my Facebook feed. On the day of  Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony, I predicted how all of this will play out.  Here’s what I said: “Senators will grandstand. […]

I recently appeared on The Sherry Voluntary Show to discuss the latest news regarding the privacy and surveillance campaign of We See You Watching Lexington. The goal of our activism is to get an ordinance passed in my hometown of Lexington, Kentucky, that will provide accountability and oversight for the use of all government surveillance […]