Sales Tax Waivers For Google Venders

Senator Clarke Jolley just pushed through an amendment to SB1282 which will exempt a Google vender from paying sales tax on paper purchased from out-of-state, for production.

At a time when citizens are being pressed to pay sales tax on items bought…

House Sustains Veto Of Vaccine Information Bill

vaccines_children_injectionLate this afternoon, the Oklahoma House of Representatives voted to override the governor’s veto, but not by a sufficient 2/3 majority vote. As a result, the Oklahoma medical community and Oklahoma public schools can continue to force children to be immunized without telling them what is being injected into them.

HB 3016 Votes via OKhouse.gov

Featured on OKGrassroots – Sooner Politics Editorial – House Sustains Veto Of Vaccine Information Bill

The Immorality of New Taxation

Over the past few days Oklahomans have been rightly alarmed by the late session, last minute tax increase attempts. This includes a tax increase proposal from House leaders to create a new tax on “services”. Oklahoma law has historically held services …

Override Time People – Let’s Get ‘Er Done!  HB 3016 for Vaccine Choice

OperationoverrideIt’s override time Oklahoma! Email samples available online.

Add your story and tell the legislators why this is important to you. Legislators appreciate personal emails.

Remember, numbers trump money!

Let’s “Be the Voice for Vaccine Choice”, Oklahoma!

For more information on this project and email information visit:


Facebook OK4vaxchoice

OK4VaxChoice @OK4VaxChoice

Finding Gems & Sharing Them – Sandra Crosnoe – Override Time People

OKGOP Moves Back to Phone Booth for Meetings

My headline would be OKGOP moves back to the phone booth for meetings. I would note that attendance continues to decline even though it is a presidential year. Then when discussion moved to issues, the mask really comes off notably on right to bear arms and pro-life facade for party. Many will be moving to Independent status or other parties. Most will stop giving funds to the GOP and giving directly to more trustworthy candidates and grassroots efforts. In fact I think I’ll go write an article on topic now… (see article above)

see article here >>>Finding Gems & Sharing Them – Sandra Crosnoe – OKGOP Moves Back to Phone Booth for Meetings

Congressman Jim Bridenstine:  Congress “Disarms” Prairie Chicken


The Lesser Prairie Chicken has been a thriving neighbor to U.S. military bases and energy industry operations across the Southwest.  The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service this week acknowledged the success of conservation efforts and the birds’ tenacity, deciding to not pursue relisting it as a threatened species.

“This has long been an effort by Members of Congress from Oklahoma.  I’m glad the USFWS has received the message,” said Congressman Jim Bridenstine.  Bridenstine led the effort last week amending the FY17 National Defense Authorization Act to prevent re-listing the Lesser Prairie Chicken for five years.  In that debate he said, “With my amendment to the NDAA, we can ensure the various state and private conservation plans have time to work.  Re-listing the LPC would impact military readiness by impeding operations and expansions at the seven military bases within the species’ historic range.”

Congressman Bridenstine applauded Senator Inhofe for this success, “Special credit is due to Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe for leading the charge over many years to allow states and local stakeholders to conserve the LPC without interference from Washington D.C.

see more via Feature post on OKGrassroots – Jim Bridenstine – Congress “Disarms” Prairie Chicken

The OKGOP Platform Debate


  There is a significant amount of debate about the OKGOP changing their platform from 25 pages, to a page & a half.

On Wednesday night State Chairman Pam Pollard hosted a conference call for those who had question about the process of producing the 2016 state platform committee report, and how the convention will conduct business regarding the platform and other issues.

​  The Convention Platform Committee was comprised in large part by Republicans from the OKC metro area. Only 21 people were present at the meeting. this committee is usually about 3 times as large. 

  Pollard is to be commended for accommodating this conference and we do expect there to be a number of people proposing a host of actions.

Here are the options being discussed:
  1. Adopt the new document as submitted by the Convention Platform Committee.
  2. Hear a Minority Report from a portion of the Platform Committee who will recommend a different platform, or propose convening a new platform committee, which would present a platform to the State Committee at a later date. If the Minority Report is not adopted, there will be parliamentary action on the Platform Committee Report.
  3. The proposed platform could then be subject to many amendments, attempts to table or a final vote to approve. If the platform is not adopted by the delegates,
  4. We will agree to leave the Current (2015) Platform in place as our most recent statement, until we start the whole process all over again next Winter..

Here is the current platform, adopted in April of 2015:

Read more via Sooner Politics

[OKGrassroots Editorial Comment – What difference does it make to put ‘a platform’ in print if you don’t have any intention of following it and will blatantly give money and support to candidates who ignore the document? Is this document a matter of the heart or simply words on paper with no commitment to the intent?]

Oklahoma: Vote Richard Engle for Republican National Committeeman – on Saturday May 14th

I whole heartedly endorse Richard Engle for National Committeeman. He will stick to grassroots limited government principles for all of us!
Praying for wisdom for all.

For Life and Liberty,
Sandra Crosnoe (a precinct chair from Washington County)

Here is an email with more information on the race just received:

More information on the OKGOP state convention here >>>

Richard Engle Tote Logo_PROOF

GOA Special: Will Congressional Republicans Hand Hillary/Obama an Anti-gun Victory?

Bipartisan Bill Will Punish Honest Gun Owners, Grease Skids for Hillary Election

A Vote for the Anti-Gun Sentencing Bill is a Vote for Hillary Clinton 

The Obama administration, aided by cheerleaders from the Left-wing media, is now mounting a push to pass its anti-gun “sentencing bill” (S. 2123 and H.R. 3713).

The bill was held up for quite some time, but media outlets are reporting that after months of backroom wrangling, this legislation now has a majority support in the Senate. 

This is why it is urgent that you urge your Representative and Senators to oppose this legislation.  

Even though Senators have reached a compromise bill — and even though gun owners have protested this for nearly half a year — the sentencing legislation in Congress still endangers the rights of gun owners.

For beginners, the House version is still unchanged. It would increase by 50%, the maximum prison sentence for veterans and other victims of “gun control” — if they or a spouse fails to divest themselves of all guns when ordered to do so by the Veterans Administration or the ATF. (See section 6 of H.R. 3713.)

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Oklahoma’s State Budget: That Nasty Issue We Want To Ignore

Aside from all the frivolous and nuisance legislation clogging up the legislative docket, there are some really big money matters which are being stalled until the waning days of the session.
  Clark Jolley is reporting on a few revenue adjustments which have passed through the Appropriations and Budget Committee.
  Members of House and Senate appropriations committees adopted a series of joint budget bills that would increase revenue, including:

  • an attempt to capture about $125 million from a cash-flow reserve fund, and
  • trim tax credits, including limiting a credit for clean-burning motor fuel equipment.
  • stepped-up enforcement of tax collections through more auditing and technology services.
  • a proposed cigarette tax that would generate an additional $180 million a year,
  • a price-indexed gasoline tax,
  • a tax on alcohol, and
  • a broad expansion of the state sales tax to some services that would help fund seniority-based teacher pay raises.

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