It is a few months after the election; do you know where your freshman legislator is?

Sending your naïve conservative hero off to the legislature is similar to sending your precious, innocent college freshman off to a liberal university.

You are turning him loose to the wolves.

You have done all you can to raise him up and prepare him for the real world, but you will never know how he is going to respond to all the pressure and temptations that come with his new life away from home and the people who helped him get there.

How will you know where he is, and the decisions he’s making, when you aren’t there to hold his hand?

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  Charles McCall made the following statement about the placement of members into each committee, and the chairmanship selections.“I am very thankful that each of these members is willing to serve where they are most needed,” said McCall, R-Atoka. “There is a lot of work to do, and we have a short amount of time to do it. These members each have unique skillsets and experiences that will serve Oklahoma well on these committees, and that will help us accomplish more of the work the peo […]

State Rep. Dan Kirby (R, Dist. 75)State Rep. Dan Kirby (R-Tulsa) has now been accused of sexual harassment by two of his former legislative assistants. The House Rules Committee is reviewing those claims, as well as allegations against other members of…

The Greatest statesmen are often heroes in their own homes.   A man of inspiring patriotic words; Patrick Henry’s most admirable traits may be more basic that what he did publicly to inspire revolution. His legacy of love for his deeply ill wife drove him to great lengths of sacrifice even as he risked death in order to provide humane care to the love of his life. The Smithsonian published a story about Patrick Henry whic […]

  The Senate Environment & Public Works Committee gaveled into session around 9am, today.  Oklahoma Attorney General, Scott Pruitt, was seated before a committee where Senator Jim Inhofe is one of the more senior members. Senator James Lankford stood by his fellow Oklahoman and Southern Baptist churchgoer.  The dramatics are sure to be over the top, as well as the pontificating of many left-leaning groups.  […]

Jason Murphey:  Opposing the Gas Tax Increase

Over the past few days you may have seen news stories describing the impending introduction of a gas tax increase. Those who suggest Oklahoma should increase the gas tax are using the following reasoning: “Oklahoma has the one of the lowest state-level gas taxes in the country and this justifies an increase.”

I don’t think this flawed logic will have its desired effect. Several years ago, the proponents of an increase took their tax hike effort to a vote of the people and it was overwhelmingly rejected.

I think this is because Oklahoma voters know the truth. While Oklahoma’s gas tax may be less than other states, Oklahoma’s citizens are forced to pay for roads and bridges through a punitive and overlapping system of taxes and user fees.

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Sen. Crapo Introduces Hearing Protecting Act in U.S. Senate

Last week, we told you about Congressman Jeff Duncan’s introduction of H.R. 367, the Hearing Protection Act.

We can now report that Senator Mike Crapo has introduced a virtually identical Senate counterpart.  Crapo’s bill, S. 59, would restore your right to purchase a suppressor the same way you would purchase most firearms.

The CIA has a “high degree of confidence” that Putin hacked the election in favor of Trump. CNN reported that intelligence agencies had briefed Trump about an incriminating dossier. The document, compiled by a former British spy, implies Trump could be manipulated by Russia.  BuzzFeed published a whiz bang story revealing the dossier’s unverified contents. Intelligence Meanwhile FBI Director James

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Throughout my time in the Legislature I have observed House members struggle with their inability to achieve meaningful oversight over state agencies.

Here is how the public component of the legislative oversight has mostly been conducted:

At the start of session, Appropriations Subcommittee members spend twenty to thirty minutes on a hearing of each state agency’s budget request. Nothing happens for several months while the most powerful legislators conduct closed-door negotiations with agencies, other legislators and the Governor’s staff. With just a few days remaining in the session, legislative leaders emerge from behind the scenes and announce a “budget deal” and go to work lining up votes for the budget by telling legislators, “Either vote for the budget or we will be forced to call a special session which will cost the taxpayers thousands of dollars and make the Legislature appear weak in the eyes of the public.”

Coleman Announces U.S. Congressional Campaign for Oklahoma’s First District

Owasso – Andy Coleman is pleased to announce his candidacy for U.S. Congress, to represent Oklahoma’s First Congressional District. The district is currently represented by Congressman Jim Bridenstine, who previously announced his intention not to seek reelection following the current term.

The Republican primary election for this seat, in which Coleman would compete, is not scheduled until 2018. “I realize I am announcing extremely early, but I feel the need to do so because of my unique background that has kept me out of the public eye,” Coleman said. “I need more time to introduce myself to the voters and share my message.”

(Update 1/14: I received an immediate reply from Senator Smalley. He forwarded the email he was sending in response to the email and some background and thoughts. I have not received answers to my questions. As soon as I get them, I will post in red.)

I recently received a legislative alert from HSLDA regarding SB93 filed by Oklahoma Senator Jason Smalley. This bill addresses changes to current law regarding children IN DHS custody or ENTERING DHS custody. 

Unfortunately, in their email alert, HSLDA doesn’t provide a link to the bill (A BIG NO-NO) and only provides a brief, overall assessment of what the changes made by Smalley to the bill will accomplish. They then tell Oklahomans to contact Senator Smalley (they do provide his contact information) using a prefabricated letter.

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