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On behalf of the Texas Patriot Guard Riders and the family of David Hall (Belladier of the Traveling Liberty Bell and Law Memorial) we would like to issue a sincere “Thank you” for the honors and respect shown to David and his family.

The hundreds of riders who came from Texas and the surrounding states were touched at the enormous amount of compassion and love that was show to this true American hero.

The flag line was filled with men and women whose lives had been touched by this man. Standing with the PGR were Gold Star families, American Legion members, Admirals of the Texas Navy, member of Snowball Express, the Texas Guard, representatives from every branch of military service along with countless other groups and friends.

The celebration of David’s life touched the hearts of the hundreds of guests who were in attendance. The service was stopped at one point, at the request of the family, so the family and guest could stand and turn to the balcony filled with Patriot Guard Riders to pay them a standing ovation for the love and honor they were paying true Patriot and Patriot Guard Member.

Photo Courtesy of Josh Haygood

Those who attended graveside service led by so many Patriot Guard friends were witness to history as full military honors were paid to a man who had never served as a member of the military. David’s service to the military came in the form of honors paid to the many fallen heroes and their families by his ringing of the Liberty Bell.  He believed that we are here for each other and that the highest calling a man can have is to buy viagra online lay down his life for his friends. David believed that each person has a duty to live his life to the fullest and that he could best dispense his duty by giving final honors to those who have literally laid down their lives for others.

We would like to give a special thank you to the Patriot Guard Riders of North Texas who during the day on Friday stood five final services for veterans, then turned and stood “Tall and Silent” in a flag live for the David’s visitation.  This type of honor and respect is what the Patriot Guard Riders stand for.

Teresa Galloway

State Captain

Mike Lambert

Assistant State Captain


(You can visit the North Texas PGR’s site here.)

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