smart meters = NOTOKLAHOMA CITY (Jan. 27, 2017) – A bill prefiled in the Oklahoma House would ensure utility customers could opt out of installing “smart meter” technology on their homes and businesses. Passage of the bill would allow Oklahomans to protect their own privacy, and it would take a step toward blocking a federal program in effect.

Rep. Scott McEachin (R) prefiled House Bill 1435 (HB1435) for introduction during the 2017 legislative session. The legislation would give residential and business utility customers the right to refuse installation of “smart meters.”
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*TAC is the Tenth Amendment Center. Their feeds are syndicated on Constitutional Liberty Coalition.

ballot-boxBev Harris founded blackboxvoting.org in 2003, when she snooped around some trash cans outside of a voting station and found irregularities that proved the voting machines had been tampered with.  She made the “Hacking Democracy” documentary exposing how vulnerable the voting system is and how easy it is to manipulate. Lately she has discovered a new twist to the fraud where the voting machines can be manipulated remotely by one person and how Hillary Clinton is primed to use this vulnerability to sway votes in her favor.  This is the latest from her interview with Alex Jones:

Finding Gems & Sharing Them – InfoWars: Video Interview with Bev Harris of Black Box Voting and Election Fraud — Some Things You Can Do!

Oklahoma: My Sample Ballot in Washington County for the General Election on November 8 2016

This is my sample ballot for general election ballot for Washington County.

Election to be held November 8, 2016.

Here is an online tool to get your personal sample ballot which may differ depending on where you live.  It is also always available as a top tab item on OKGrassroots.com

Additional information on the state questions is coming soon!

Judicial Retention Decisions to make (to retain or not):
James R. Winchester – Oklahoma Supreme Court District 5,
Douglas L. Combs – Oklahoma Supreme Court District 8,
Clancy Smith – Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals District 1,
Robert L. Hudson – Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals District 2,
Thomas Thornbrugh – Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals District 3 – Office 1,
John F. Fischer – Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals District 3 – Office 2
Larry Joplin – Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals District  – Office 2

 Finding Gems & Sharing Them – My Sample Ballot in Washington County for the General Election on November 8 2016

Amanda Teegarden said about the ratings: “I am happy to have received a higher rating with the National Rifle Association than two of my opponents. In the midst of talks of increased gun control legislation, the choice is clear if you want to protect your Second Amendment rights! I would be honored to receive your vote of June 28th!”

Key Endorsement for Rand Paul Speaks Volumes to Many in Oklahoma

Former State Representative Charles Key today issued an official endorsement for Senator Rand Paul for President 2016 saying,

Our political system is broken and can only be fixed by someone who understands our political system. I am voting for Rand Paul for President because he is the only candidate who understands and is committed to our Constitutional Republican form of government. He has refused to compromise or pander to special interest groups or the media to get their support. Isn’t that what most Americans want? We don’t need someone who talks tough and pushes emotional hot buttons. We need someone who has proven he is tough by staying consistent and fighting for our God given rights. Rand Paul is the one who has shown he has the commitment and integrity to correct the problems we face. Please join me in making Rand Oklahoma’s choice for President.


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Amanda Teegarden for State Senate District 39 — A Great Lady with Wisdom for our Time

Amanda Teegarden p1If you live in the Tulsa area and you were looking for a campaign to help with this season, may I wholeheartedly recommend Amanda Teegarden to you. I have worked with Amanda for several years on political issues and with various groups and campaigns. I am pleased to see her now running for office herself. She has taught me (and many others) a lot about legislative process, and political philosophy. She also has been a great role model to me in exhibiting grace without compromising principle. Wisdom in action is so needed on all fronts these days!

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2010-11-15_BiometricsKaye Beach Dec. 1, 2015 I was pleasantly surprised to day to read Shane Smith’s excellent piece on the Oklahoma REAL ID debate published today at the Red Dirt Report. If you were relying on major media, you might not …

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Kaye Beach Nov. 28, 2015 This is the testimony of the third speaker at the REAL ID Study held by Rep. Lewis Moore and Rep. Bob Cleveland at the Oklahoma state capitol on Nov. 18, 2015. Unfortunately no official …

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Oklahoma REAL ID Study —  Kaye Beach’s Testimony

2010-11-15_BiometricsKaye Beach

Nov. 20, 2015

On Nov. 18th there was a public study held at the Oklahoma state capitol on the issue of REAL ID. Oklahoma is under pressure to implement the federal REAL ID Act of 2005.

The meeting was held by Rep. Lewis Moore and Rep. Bob Cleveland. Many Oklahomans expected to follow the meeting online. They were disappointed. I am posting testimony of the speakers so that those who are interested can be informed on the proceedings. … Continue reading

Join me for my campaign kickoff this Thursday night in Tulsa!

This Thursday, September 3rd, at LaFortune Park Clubhouse (5501 S. Yale, Tulsa, OK) at 7:00 pm I will be officially kicking off my campaign for State Senate. I would be honored if yo…

Please attend the Oklahoma Corporation Commission “Hearing On The Merits” (to impose a penalty or tax upon those refusing the “Smart Meter Offer”). Numbers count whether you give “public comment” or fill the court with your presence.

Thursday, August 27th 10:30 AM
2101 North Lincoln Blvd. – Courtroom B
Oklahoma City, OK

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Tulsa Beacon: The Detestable Act of Abortion Shows Insight on our Nation

Randy-Bright-MugTulsa Beacon Article

By Randy W. Bright

August 6, 2015

The Detestable Act of Abortion Shows Insight on our Nation

Anyone who is a dog owner has had that moment when they catch their dog drinking from the toilet bowl.  Upon admonishment, the dog gives you a quizzical look that says, “Is something wrong”?

Perhaps it is an unfair comparison, and it is obviously not even in the league with things that go on in society, but it does convey the analogy that people often become so desensitized to detestable things that they not only don’t detect that their behavior is wrong, but fully believe that absolutely wrong is absolutely right.

We have seen this repeatedly during human history, case after case of man’s inhumanity to man, where one man no longer perceives another man as a human being, and thus feels no shame or remorse at the mistreatment of his counterpart.

Of course, the most prevalent example of this is one that took place during the lifetime of some of our oldest living citizens, Adolph Hitler and Germany. An acquaintance of mine who grew up in Germany during Hitler’s rise to power said that he was seen as someone who was going to save his or her nation.  At tht time Germany had suffered a humiliating defeat at the end of World War I, and was in a deep depression, both financially and mentally.

Read the rest of the Tulsa Beacon Article here

OK-SAFE (pdf format for article) here

OK-SAFE permalink: https://oksafe.wordpress.com/2015/08/23/the-detestable-act-of-abortion/

Randy W. Bright, AIA, NCARB, is an architect who specializes in church and church-related projects. You may contact him at 918-582-3972, rwbrightchurcharch@sbcglobal.net or www.churcharchitect.net. ©2014 Randy W. Bright  Previous articles written by the author are available for reading at his website.
Oklahoma: Amanda Teegarden Announces for State Senate Race District 39

I am happy to announce that I am a candidate for State Senate District 39. I hope you will join me in this endeavor. Read my full press release below:

TULSA, OK- Former small business owner and licensed insurance producer, Amanda Teegarden has announced her candidacy for State Senate District 39. Teegarden is the former executive director of a non-profit organization where she spent her time researching legislation and teaching others across the state and country how to make a positive impact in their local government. Teegarden is a lifelong Republican and has been active within the Tulsa County Republican Party for many years. She and husband Mark have two children and one grandchild. Senate District 39 will be vacated by Senator Brian Crain (R-Tulsa) whom is term limited in 2016.

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OKG-banner-framed3-e1293868748598Thanks to all our network feeds and groups and friends – please visit their websites to plug in directly with them and their activities!  In some instances, we provide additional information about these groups right here on this website.  We encourage you to get involved and be active with a team of folks in your own geographic area.

Please visit our new top tab project: The Precinct Leader  — If you want to change the world, it starts in your own backyard.  Let’s get busy and get organized and make a difference!

Welcome back OK2A  (their feeds were briefly interrupted while the website was updated) — and congrats on the new website look — everyone check it out!

Place your elected officials on ‘speed dial’ and let them know your thoughts and the reasoning behind those thoughts often for best results!  Remember who works for whom out there.

more info here via OKG: http://okgrassroots.com/?p=507866

Tulsa 912 – Breakfast With State Senator Nathan Dahm – July 25th!

Breakfast Club

Tulsa 9.12 Breakfast Club
Join us Friday, July 25 for the Tulsa 9.12 Breakfast Club, with our guest State Senator Nathan Dahm, a friend of the conservative movement.
Senator Dahm will speak on the 2013 legislative session, what to expect for the 2014 session and other subjects that are important to the conservative grassroots movement.

Friday, July 25 7:30 AM *** First Watch @ 81st & Lewis *** via Ronda Vuillemont-Smith for Tulsa 912
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Editor’s Note: Action Item – Please call (405)522-0482 PUD (Public Utilities Division) Attorney Judith Johnson registering support/opposition and comments when you call. This number is in addition to the number mentioned in the press release below. While the hearing date is past, it is not too late to make some phone calls! There appears to be no justification for raising the rates now to monitor your actions (like ultimately reducing your rates – nope not in the plan); but rather instead more costs now and more costs ongoing. Why would we permit this to occurs? A more important question, why would we leave people in charge like this who would even suggest such a thing?!/sc

Tulsa 9.12 Project Organizes Opposition To PSO Rate Hike


See press release here: http://okgrassroots.com/?p=496399

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