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[Editor’s Note: It will be interesting to see how many candidate wannabees are out campaigning for the people’s rights – just saying and watching…/sc]  

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Oklahoma’s Premier Conservative Group Endorses Tressa Nunley 
in House District 75 Special Election

Oklahoma Conservative PAC members interviewed candidates for the Oklahoma State House District 75 – Special Election for Broken Arrow and Tulsa voters. The contested Republican primary is coming up quickly on Tuesday, May 9th.

John Michener, the President of OCPAC, released the following statement:

“After a survey and interview process, OCPAC members voted overwhelmingly to endorse Tressa Nunley for Oklahoma House District 75.  We were impressed with the way she articulated fiscal conservatism and the need to champion liberty.  Citizens in Broken Arrow and Tulsa should feel good about voting for Tressa to defend their interests at the Capitol.”

Candidate Trump: ‘I Love WikiLeaks.’ President Trump: ‘Arrest Assange!’
by Ron Paul, April 25, 2017

“I love WikiLeaks,” candidate Donald Trump said on October 10th on the campaign trail. He praised the organization for reporting on the darker side of the Hillary Clinton campaign. It was information likely leaked by a whistleblower from within the Clinton campaign to WikiLeaks.

Back then he praised WikiLeaks for promoting transparency, but candidate Trump looks less like President Trump every day. The candidate praised whistleblowers and WikiLeaks often on the campaign trail. In fact, candidate Trump loved WikiLeaks so much he mentioned the organization more than 140 times in the final month of the campaign alone! Now, as President, it seems Trump wants WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange sent to prison

also shared via http://original.antiwar.com/paul/2017/04/24/candidate-trump-i-love-wikileaks-president-trump-arrest-assange/

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Summary via R3publican

A day inside the Richardson Campain… I got a call this weekend form a campaign office. They were setting up a Monday series of events for announcing the Gary Richardson campaign for O…

A prominent Oklahoma attorney told me, recently; The most dangerous concern about marijuana, is ‘getting caught’.   Perhaps the least reported narrative of the 50 year drug war is the role that liquor and other pharmaceutical distributors have had on the effort to keep their indigenous competition suppressed through the criminal code.  The idea that the world’s highest incarceration rate is fueled by an effort to help liquor maintain it’s market […]

Read the full article at Oklahoma’s Political News service, www.SoonerPolitics.org .

What Does Steve Bannon Want?

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04/23/2017Hunter Lewis

“What Does Steve Bannon Want?” is the title of an article by Christopher Caldwell (senior editor at the “conservative” Weekly Standard), written for the New York Times on February 26, 2017.

Mr. Caldwell gets to the essence of it when he writes: “Steve Bannon … has … the same idea that tea party activists have: a class of regulators in the government has robbed Americans of their democratic prerogatives. That class now constitutes an ‘administrative state’ that operates to empower itself and enrich its crony-capitalist allies.” He also notes that Bannon thinks that “capitalism ought to rest on a Judeo-Christian foundation.”

read more at https://mises.org/blog/what-does-steve-bannon-want

Summary via R3publican

Tulsa attorney and past Republican (2nd Congressional District: 1978 and 1980) and Independent (Governor: 2002) political candidate Gary Richardson announced today that he is officially running for the Republican nomination for Governor in 2018. Richar…

By the Watchman
This is a tale of cowardice and misrepresentation of one of our U.S. Representatives. It also shows that he is willing to cheat to stay in office. We started looking at him when this story crossed our news feed. He has officially filed to run for office in the 2018 elections. There’s a campaign promise broken.
When he was first running for office he said he wouldn’t seek more than three terms. The official filing for office comes one day after being officially warned by the Federal Election Commission that he had accepted donations and made expenditures on his 2018 campaign without filing official candidacy for the 2018 cycle. What was he trying to do?