Homeschooling Parents CAN – And Should – Run For Public Education Offices

In an almost unprecedented move in American today, Governor Chris Sununu of New Hampshire, nominated a businessman who homeschooled his children, for New Hampshire Education Commissioner. In an unbelievable, though partisan victory, Frank Edelblut was confirmed to the position by the New Hampshire Executive Council today.
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Donald Trump loves this female Judge

Here’s one judge that Donald Trump loves. Federal Judge, Maryanne Barry, his older sister. Judge Barry, is a Senior United States Circuit Judge of the Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. She was first appointed to the federal bench during the Reagan administration. The Clinton administration promoted her again. In 2004, she was presented […]

Don’t you wish the elections only happened once or twice a year and not when only a few people know they are happening so they can foist their will on the rest of us? And just to make matters more confusing – some areas have an election and some do not. So do your own research and be sure (see link below and at the end of the article)

Here’s a list by county so you can see if you have an election in your area >>>

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Ronda Vuillemont-Smith speaks at Kiss my A$$et Forfeiture Goodby Rally – Oklahoma State Capitol
February 14, 2017
Photo credit: David Van Risseghem

CHARLESTON, W. Va. . (Feb. 13, 2017) – A West Virginia bill would withdraw the state from Common Core standards, an important step toward nullifying the nationalized education program in the state. Del. Pat McGeehan (R-Hancock, 1) introduced House Bill 2214 (HB2214) to void Common Core standards and create a framework to establish state standards…

For those of you who might have been living in a cave for the months since November, the Senate has confirmed controversial Secretary of Education nominee Betsy DeVos.

So concerned were we here at ROPE – along with THOUSANDS of grassroots mom and dad education activists who have been fighting Common Core across the nation – that we wrote a letter to the President in November. You can read it here to follow our concerns.Read more »

Source: Oklahoma Office of Management and Enterprise Services

Proposed service taxes via Scribd – NewsOK
Shown is a list of services Gov. Mary Fallin is proposing to tax and the amount of money each would generate for the state, cities and counties.

Shared via Finding Gems & Sharing Them – Bloody Mary adds extreme taxation to her list of crimes in office; Will the people end this reign of terror?

  So how will the campaign be framed, to legalize at least the pharmaceutical use of marijuana? It’s obviously far far safer than pharmaceutical opiates like morphine. It clearly has numerous byproducts which have proven to be beneficial to many suffering people. Many of the biproducts have absolutely no intoxicating or addicting properties.​  To this journalist, it’s not even a controversy. When my dad was in his […]

LANSING, Mich. (Feb. 10, 2017) – Two bills introduced in the Michigan legislature would withdraw the state from Common Core standards, an important step toward nullifying the nationalized education program in the state. Senate Bill 81 (SB81) was introduced on Jan. 31 by Sen. Phil Pavlov (R-St. Clair), along with 16 co-sponsors, while House Bill…

If Americans haven’t already had enough, the President has now threatened a journalist with violence. The president’s crude remarks implied that he would injure the man’s genitals and smash his face. He also attacked the man’s ancestry. This president already has the lowest approval rating of any other in American history. His profanity laced speeches […]

BISMARCK, N.D. (Feb. 9, 2017) – The Republican-dominate North Dakota House killed a bill to ban Common Core implementation. Voting down the bill ensures that the Core will remain in North Dakota. Rep. Ben Koppelman (R-Fargo) and 11 co-sponsors introduced House Bill 1432 (HB1432) on Jan. 16. After receving a “do not pass” recommendation from the…