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Last night the State Constitutional mandate for passing a budget passed without so much as a whisper from the Governor. For many years now you have seen us expose the liberal leanings of a vast majority of our elected officials. Most of you have ignored the warnings and the proof that we have provided so far. The debacle at the Capital over taxes and the budget shortfall only serves to highlight our point. This article should be proof enough by its self that a tax increase is not needed Liberal Donor to Group Pushing Okla. Tax Hike Avoided Millions in Taxes – Washington Free Beacon. The individual here, George Kaiser has a deep rooted history of feeding off the middle class tax payers. He made millions from the Obama administration scam known as Solyndra while the middle class tax payers paid the bill. It truly seems that the two parties have switch roles. It is now the Democrats in office who are fighting the tax increases instead of the Republicans.

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  Public university funding is way, way out of proportion. And it’s harming the private universities who have to compete at market-set tuition rates.  I’d bet it’s safe to say that if a lawmaker authored a resolution to place a state question on the ballot, to remove taxpayer dollars going to higher ed., then he’d be the biggest hero of the taxpayer.  Another constitutional change needed to for the universities to […]

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With just over a week until the end of the regular legislative session, some lawmakers have proposed massive tax increases, including a plan to cap personal itemized deductions that would dramatically increase personal income taxes on many Oklahoma families and small businesses.

OCPA released today a budget plan to fill Oklahoma’s $878 million budget gap and give teachers a pay raise—while respecting and protecting Oklahoma families and their own budgets.

The balanced budget plan proposed by OCPA includes more than $1.3 billion in savings—including items from OCPA’s “Freedom Agenda” published in January and “First Steps” list released in February—and $337 million in tax increases, including an increase in the tax on gasoline and diesel, a 67-cent per pack cigarette tax increase, and a wind production tax. Together, the lower spending and increased taxes add up to nearly $1.7 billion.


By the Watchman
  Once again we find the leader of the state failing to make plans for what she knew was coming. Is this due to her lack of trust in the drunk she hired? Is it due to her lack of intelligence? We believe it’s neither of those. We believe it is an outright display of her liberal tax and spend mentality that has always been there. Her spending habit is having a negative effect on our economy and our ability to draw new industries to the state of Oklahoma. It has strengthened the legislature’s ability to pass tax increases and fee increases on to the public instead of taking the hard step of decreasing the size of government. Her actions have made what is considered the reddest state in the union more like the purplest state in the union.

  Oklahoma has some well-run private universities. But they operate at  a huge disadvantage, because our state legislature is undermining their very existence. How can they keep a campus operational when their faculty pays taxes which fund their own competition?  About one out of every six dollars that the legislature spends, is a welfare payment to our state-operated colleges.   Oklahoma has a huge industry in colleges. But we have far […]

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (May 11, 2017) – A state Senate committee has passed bill that would end the use of Common Core in Alabama schools. Sen. Harri Anne Smith (I-Slocomb) introduced Senate Bill 415 (SB415) on May 5. The legislation would void Common Core standards and create a framework to establish state standards to replace them. The…

AUGUSTA, Maine. (May 10, 2017) – A Maine bill up for a hearing today would withdraw the state from Common Core. Rep. William Tuell (R-East Machias) introduced House Bill 1578 (LD1578) with five co-sponsors. The bill would void Common Core standards and would be replaced with the educational standards that were in place in Massachusetts before…

Stem Cell Therapy for Ivory

… a story about potential help for cats experiencing kidney failure
by Sandra Crosnoe

Ivory is 15 years old (2017) and recently she was getting pretty lethargic, loosing weight and not grooming herself properly, so I took her to Arrowhead Veterinary Clinic in Dewey on January 25th. They did a blood analysis on her and found she was in early stage renal (kidney) failure. This is the story of how we discovered stem cell therapy and what that process has been like for Ivory.

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (Apr. 27, 2017) – An Alabama House bill would withdraw the state from Common Core standards, an important step toward nullifying nationalized education in the state. Rep. Barry Moore (R-Enterprise) introduced House Bill 558 (HB558), called the Alabama Traditional Education Standards Act to void Common Core standards and create a framework to establish…

Pryor Public Schools Are awash in education money. The state has shut off the tap to them and 70 other school districts who are thriving.  The economy of Pryor is booming, along with the Mid America Industrial Park, situated just to the south of the city.  In the early days of of the Oklahoma territory, townships and enclaves formed a collective for the cause of educating children. It was called a “school district […]

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